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This four week course is based on feedback from hundreds of new mothers on what they wish they had known when their first baby came home. From this valuable information our course: Becoming a mother – the first 8 weeks was born.

The aim of the course is to help you prepare for Motherhood practically, mentally and emotionally. The training will also assist you to begin to develop the tools you are going to need once your baby comes home, through activities, reflection and specialised learning resources.

Email info@motherlifework.com.au to see if the course is right for you!


Becoming a Mother:
The First 8 Weeks

Next course will be online commencing in July 2019 until then we can offer in-home one to one training.

Other Course Dates:
We are going online from July 2019

Missed sessions can be made up in the same week of a subsequent series. If you are unable to attend a session because of medical reasons related/unrelated to pregnancy you are eligible for a refund for that week.

Cost: Please contact us direct for in-home training fees.

VENUE: Contact us to find your closest venue in Melbourne.

Dates or Venue doesn’t Suit You?
We can come to you for a personalised one to one session.

Enquire today.


Becoming a Mother:
The First 8 Weeks

Our online course will suit everyone.  Easy to access and complete it in your own time.  Stay nice and snug in your home and get your partner or support friend to do it with you!  If you wish to know more about it please email info@motherlifework.com.au  Although based in Australia the course suits women all over the work with support information and contacts from UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia.  If you really want to know what to expect once you bring your baby home, this course is a must for you!