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Get Ready For Motherhood

Becoming a mother is natural and amazing but many women also find it challenging when Baby comes home.  Becoming a Mother – the first 8 Weeks is an online training course designed for women wishing to gain an insight into what they can expect in the early weeks at home with their baby.

There is so much focus on pregnancy and birth but it’s the ‘at home’ part that parents need to be prepared for.  Motherlifework’s online training course, developed through rigorous research and real-life experience, aims to prepare women for this incredible journey.

It’s training that gives women a realistic, behind the scenes insight into what their day to day life might look like with a new baby.  The First 8 weeks online training course provides information, education and skill building exercises to assist every woman in their transition to motherhood

Learn what to expect in those first weeks and be prepared for this exciting time. Get practical advice that goes far beyond how to care for your baby and focuses on helping you manage and thrive as a new Mum.  So if you are pregnant enrol now and learn first-hand in this innovative course.  Facilitators are on hand to guide you through the course and to answer all your questions. Feel connected and supported on your most important journey yet.