Our mission is to prepare women for becoming Mothers. We believe that if a woman can know what to expect after she brings her baby home she will better transition to her new role as Mum and be free to more fully enjoy this special time in her life.


Women need to be prepared for becoming mothers,  not the giving birth part, but prepared for what they can expect once they come home for the first time and begin their parenting journey.  So we took the challenge and for the first time ever have created a training course to meet this need.


For almost a decade we have been talking to new mothers and women expecting their first child and gathering information about their thoughts, feelings, experiences, fears and hopes.

This information has given us an incredible insight into what the biggest challenges for women entering motherhood are and also what mothers think women should know about becoming mothers.  If you haven’t noticed no-one out there actually tells you.

Using this information as a basis for the learning we then researched and developed our training and we have been helping women understand and prepare for how their life might change, once they bring their baby home, ever since.