Pregnant for the First Time?

Want to know what to expect?

Motherlifework have developed an online training course thoughtfully designed to empower expectant mothers, educating them and building their confidence ready for their journey to motherhood.

We are passionate about educating expectant mothers about those early months of motherhood before they live them and while there is still time to prepare and digest the information.

 If Mothers-to-be can build up their skills while pregnant they will be more confident and prepared; they will thrive in their new role with a confidence established in the knowledge that they are not alone, there is a whole community of people to help and support them.

Our training is not a medical course – no, there’s way too much stuff out there about that.  We are mums who live motherhood, who talk to mothers and share experiences and stories.  The challenge with most new mothers is that they don’t know the full story on motherhood until they have their own baby and by then, well it can be a big shock.

 So, after being shocked ourselves we talked and talked to all the mothers we could find and asked them questions like: What was the biggest challenge you had when you became a mum? What do you wish you had been told about motherhood before you became one? and many others.

Then we took all those answers and worked backwards until we had a training course with all the info those mums wish they had known about babies, and whammy our course was….. wait for it…. Born!

 Becoming A Mother Training doesn’t just throw the light on the thoughts and experiences of so many new mothers, it provides training, resources and activities on how to prepare yourself and get support before you are there, experiencing it, before you are a Mum.

 Becoming A Mother – the first 8 weeks.  Enrol Now.

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