What people are saying about our training.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for everything that I learned on Sunday.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the feeling of relief, calmness and even confidence I felt after walking away from the course.

There are so many things that we went through that I had absolutely no idea about, and even worse, no matter the research I had previously done (which was fairly extensive) nothing had yet given me the answers that your course did.

I went home and gushed for about an hour straight to Paddy about everything and he was really fascinated. In fact, a lot he didn’t even believe or had no idea – so was really good to show him all the research.

I have been reading through the materials which I think I might put into my own “book” to refer to in the wee hours of the morning when some of my concerns start to come to a head. I can see that as my new baby bible!

Thank-you again for taking me through the course. I consider it invaluable and will certainly be sharing it with every woman I know – because I couldn’t imagine NOT doing it!”


The in-home session wasn’t just a house visit; Bridget adjusted the information to my personal situation and needs and made me feel very comfortable and confident with what to expect and how to handle anything I may face in becoming a mother. I was very impressed with how much I learned from her during such a short period


Thank you for conducting the Motherlifework course I feel this made my coming home with baby experience such a wonderful one.  I have started mothers group and have found that most of the girls were so focused on the birth they didn’t think about what comes next and that is where they have struggled.  I spoke about the course and they all wish they had been aware and encouraged to attend before giving birth


Your course was gold in giving me an idea of what to expect and some tools to manage my own expectations along the way.  I felt like I breezed through those first few months – I’m so glad he’s not so fragile now, a load off my mind!


Thank you for helping me mentally prepare for Zoe’s arrival.  The course really helped me understand my new schedule which has made it easier to adapt to my new wonderful life.  Thank you – Kirsty


Thanks for all the info, becoming a mum doesn’t feel as scary anymore!  – Cecila


I would like to say that your course is a good one. During the time that I spent in the class, I had time to think of all the things that I never thought of before. All the the support that you give to me is fantastic.  Pia


I can’t wait for next week, this is a great course and you are a great support.

Thanks again Nina